Bed Bath & Beyond Uses QR Codes to Sell Gift Cards

07 Sep 2012
by John Foley
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When Bed Bath & Beyond sends a direct mail piece to my house, there is instant excitement.

My wife loves it becasue there’s typically a very valuable coupon.

I love it because they often include QR Codes on their materials!

DPF – DontPayFull online coupons source.

Below is a picture of a mailer that we received this week. There is a QR Code on the left-hand side, accompanied by a call-to-action to “Scan this QR Code to shop our Gift Cards”.

Bed Bath and Beyond Direct Mail Piece: Includes a QR Code to shop for Gift Cards

After scanning the QR Code, I was directed to a mobile website where I could easily select and order a variety of gift cards.

If receiving a direct mail piece from Bed Bath and Beyond can generate excitement in my house, the only thing I now need to await is what level of excitement will arise when a gift card lands in the mailbox 🙂

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