Pantone Fall 2012 QR Code Colors

24 Sep 2012
by John Foley
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Being a designer, it is safe to say that I absolutely love color.

Thus, I certainly get quite excited when Pantone comes out with their color collections each season.

In an effort to bring together two things that I really like, the QR Codes below have been created in Pantone’s Fall Fashion 2012 colors.

French Roast PANTONE 19-1012

Honey Gold PANTONE 15-1142

Pink Flambe PANTONE 18-2133

Tangerine Tango PANTONE 17-1463

Ultramarine Green PANTONE 18-5338

Bright Chartreuse PANTONE 14-0445

Olympian Blue PANTONE 19-4056

Titanium PANTONE 17-4014

Rhapsody PANTONE 16-3817

Rose Smoke PANTONE 14-1508

Are you wondering how I created QR Codes with those colors? Learn how by clicking here.

Utilizing color options with your QR Codes may help to better match the design and layout of your printed marketing collateral.


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