Picking Apples and Scanning QR Codes

25 Sep 2012
by John Foley
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Yes, fall is here. For many folks that means football, apple picking, and apparently — scanning QR Codes!

I must send a note of thanks for co-worker Deb Trifone.

She spotted this QR Code in the wild recently while she was apple picking.

I personally am not a huge fan of that activity. But after I noticed that the farm she visited had a wine selection, my opinion may have changed.

Below is a picture of the QR Code that Deb spotted:

QR Code spotted while Apple Picking: It directs people to more information about the winery.

As a fan of integrating print with mobile, I love that this location has started using QR Codes.

Suggestions for Future Improvement

To help improve their future efforts with QR Codes, I’d offer these suggestions/steps to the farm/vineyard:

  • Build a mobile website for the winery
  • Shorten the URL of the mobile website, before making a new QR Code.
  • Have the short URL/QR Code point directly to the mobile website
  • Change the way that sign is held up now. I was able to scan it successfully – but the clips that cover two of the key 3 outside squares could cause trouble.

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