QR Codes as a Conversation Starter

03 Oct 2012
by John Foley
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We certainly are quite fond of posting pictures of how QR Codes are being used on various printed materials.

But when it comes to truly demonstrating how QR Codes can be used in one’s daily activities, video really can tell a tremendous story.

The video below highlights how QR Codes have been implemented at a bar in Singapore.

Beer Bottles, QR Codes, and Pick-Up Lines

If you have a quick moment, I think you’ll find their QR Code implementation quite unique!


Yes, as the video demonstrates, the purpose of QR Codes in this bar is to make it easy for shy patrons to strike up conversations.

How the Process Works

Here’s how it works:

  • They order a beer, which comes with a printed piece that contains a QR Code
  • They scan the QR Code with the bar’s mobile App
  • Via the App, they are able to type a personalized message
  • They flip the printed piece around and have the bartender deliver the bottle to the person they’d like to talk to.
  • Then, hopefully, the recipient scans the QR Code, enjoys the message, and continues the conversation (via the App or in real-life!)

A unique concept, indeed!


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