Using QR Codes on Receipts

22 Oct 2012
by John Foley
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I wanted to take a moment to highlight how QR Codes can be used to gather a very important piece of data — immediate customer feedback.

While it’s certainly important for businesses of all types to find out what their customers are feeling and thinking about, this example is centered around the retail environment.

QR Codes and Caffeine

Our team discovered this story while they were exhibiting at the Graph Expo conference in Chicago. During the few times that they were able to sneak away from the booth, our staff would visit the Starbucks in McCormick Place.

After purchasing their coffees (with extra shots of espresso, I’m sure!), they were handed a receipt that included QR Codes on the back.

Below is a picture of that:

QR Codes on receipts --- used to gather immediate customer feedback

After scanning the QR Code, they were directed to a website where they had the chance to provide feedback on their experience.

A Few Suggestions

We have a couple of suggestions on how the post-scan part of the process could be improved. Here they are:

  • The feedback form website should be mobile-optimized
  • Rather than asking everyone to type in the Store #, they should try to take advantage of location-based data from the phone to perhaps pre-fill that data. Or, create a unique QR Code for each location — thus, when someone scans the code, they are brought to a form that is specific to that store.

But even with those suggestions, we still want to commend the folks responsible for finding a way to make print interactive in an effort to engage the growing mobile audience!

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