Do QR Codes Make Shopping Easier?

07 Jan 2013
by John Foley
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Some people absolutely dread shopping. The whole process from trying to find your size, to trying it on, to waiting in long check out lines.

But what if you could do half of your shopping right from your smartphone? That’s right just scan a QR Code, try it on and then just swipe your credit card on your phone to pay.

It is that easy at a North Seattle clothing store called Hointer.

…”Once in the dressing room the selection, in their size is delivered magically down a little chute. Didn’t like it? Doesn’t fit? You can send them back in the system and it automatically removes the selection from your virtual cart. Find a pair that does the trick? Then you can swipe your card in the POS machine in each dressing room.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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