QR Code Quilts

14 Jan 2013
by John Foley
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Sewing… either you can do it or not. I can sew a straight line, and that’s where my sewing skills end. Yet some people are so creative and also extremely talented when it comes to sewing.

I did some research just for fun and found a ton of QR Code quilts. People are cutting out hundreds of little squares and putting them together and creating what I like to call masterpieces!

These QR Code quilts range from just a little wall hanging decoration to a king size bed quilt. I was so impressed that I gathered a bunch of the quilt photos and wanted to take a moment to share them.

QR Code Quilt photo credits:

Red and Brown quilt

Classic Black and White quilt

Cupcake quilt photo

Red QR Code quilt

Pink and Purple quilt

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