San Diego Health Club Goes Mobile

14 Mar 2013
by Benjamin Hoch
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Do you use your smartphone at the gym? Angry Birds while you pump iron? Dialing up Uber black cars on the treadmill? Instagramming your swell?

One San Diego fitness club has seen this trend, and is intending to capitalize.

“The Sporting Club,” according to, “has just integrated technology using QR codes into its location by creating instructional videos to help to enhance the experience of smartphone carrying members.”

It was noticed that smartphone usage during gym time was prevalent, and Kris Machain, the fitness manager, decided to “brainstorm for a way to leverage the potential of smartphones in order to enhance the experience of the members.”

“Machain came up with the idea of using QR codes linked to instructional videos to allow the members to use their own smartphones to discover exactly how to properly use each of the fitness machines in the club. This would not only encourage them to use the ones that they did not previously understand, but it could also potentially help them to avoid injury and improve results by learning more about the machines they were previously using.”

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