Volvo Trucks To Incorporate QR Codes

19 Mar 2013
by Benjamin Hoch
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A post on announced the intention of Volvo Trucks to include QR Codes  to, “enhance the effectiveness of its remote diagnostic service.”

The article goes on to say that by April, “all new Volvo trucks will come factory-equipped with a unique QR code that is directly linked to the vehicle’s VIN number. By scanning the code with a QR reader users will acquire detailed service records in Volvo’s Web-based service management tool, named ASIST.”

The official Volvo website also had a statement, noting that, “QR codes facilitate an accurate, consistent and efficient check-in process throughout the Volvo dealer network. Once the QR code is read, many functions can be performed from the smart device including CSA inspections. The data can then be sent wirelessly inside the dealership or even directly to the customer utilizing the ASIST tool.”

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