I Don’t Think QR Codes Are Going Away

01 Aug 2013
by Benjamin Hoch
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QR codes placed in print (i.e. mail, magazine, and newspapers), are becoming essential to today’s modern marketing campaign. QR codes are much more effective than anything that came before because they have the capability to hold more storage. The ability to send a consumer from a physical ad to a link (detailing a product or service) has opened the door for marketing industries around the world.

Chances are if you’re in the marketing industry, QR codes have come up in a conversation or two around the water cooler. Keep reading to find out a few of the advantages QR codes have to offer now and in the future:


Like it or not QR codes are not going away. Technology will continue to evolve, and new inventive ways to bring print to web will allow businesses and individuals alike to express themselves on multiple canvases. T-shirts with QR codes linking to customers Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a thing of the present. Now it is literally possible for a person to carry their resume, connections, friends, and personal information on their sleeve.

With the creation of technologies such as Google Glass (essentially a wearable computer), QR codes offer businesses the opportunity to offer interactive print media, which could potentially change the way advertisers communicate brands forever.


QR codes can make a teacher’s job of delivering information to students much more organized and compact. By placing a QR code on a syllabus, website, or power point, a student can access educational information to their tablet, or smartphones in an interactive, engaging way. With the undeniable smartphone projection and integration into a new mobile era the potential use of QR codes to organize and systemize educational content could be a very real possibility for school systems, as well as other education establishments.


Even graveyards are catching on to the online/mobile digital craze that has swept the globe. It makes sense that loved ones would want to mark the graves of those who have passed with endless possibilities of memorandum and content, and thanks to QR codes they can.

According to an article in QRCodePress.com (http://www.qrcodepress.com), a growing number of cemeteries across the U.S. are displaying QR codes on tombstones. This change in the industry has produced a need for businesses based around creating memorials linked to QR codes.

It is no wonder that industries are beginning to jump on board with the QR code phenomenon; from clothing, to publishing, education to memorials, the use of mobile technology is integrating itself into every nook and cranny of our lives, and even after.

By Amanda Lane

Project Coordinator at InterlinkOne and Grow Socially.

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