Is Your Landing Page a Problem?

06 Aug 2013
by Benjamin Hoch
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Landing pages should be to gain leads and convert those leads into sales.

If your landing page has a number of errors, you aren’t going to be seeing the potential profits that you could be seeing. Your business may stall and fail, simply because of a problematic landing page.

Here are some issues that you can have with a landing page, and the ways to correct them.

You’ve Have to Grab Attention the Right Way

What this means is no flashing lights, no wacky font and colors, and no Flash. You’d be amazed at how many websites still use scrolling text and Flash as part of their package. Don’t be this guy.

Make an attention-grabbing headline that will make them stay on the page. The better ones ask a question and offer to answer it after the click through, the best ones will offer something for free on the landing page where the site owner now gets their contact information for future leads.

Landing Pages and Their Call to Action

You’ll also need a good call to action.

These are the taglines at the bottom of some sites where they say “To get more information about this exciting product call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX and talk with our helpful staff”.

This gives the reader an immediate means to contact someone for more information while they are still excited and into the item. Call to Action blurbs make it very good for your business to convert website browsers into confident leads.

Speaking of Call to Action Tags

Don’t put them at the bottom of the website like I just told you they are usually at.

This means your reader must read the entire page to get to there. They may click off halfway down, or two-thirds, and never see it. That is a missed opportunity right there.

Put your Call to Action spiel in the first third of the page as well as at the bottom that way you will catch some that would have clicked off the page and still have one for those that are continuing to read what you have to say.

Auto responders and your Opt-In

Also have an opt in section of your site.

This can easily be done in the form of a giveaway, such as a free eBook, where the contact information is saved into an opt in mailing list. Have an auto responder set to thank them for visiting and for downloading the copy and remind them should they need anything in regard to your business, to let you know. This also makes a great list for promotion.

Always look closely at your landing page, don’t just hand it off to your “web guy” and leave it up to them.

Look at it at least weekly and see if there are issues with it. What is fine on Monday may have a new bug or hack come Friday.

A second or two of double-checking can save your company a wealth of issues later.

About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on home improvement, social media, Steve Wynn, and small business topics.

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