Are You Wasting Time With Email Marketing?

03 Sep 2013
by Benjamin Hoch
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With the marketing universe turning to all-things social media, the question on every business’s mind is whether or not marketing by way of email is still the best route.

The bottom line is that many of the benefits that go along with email marketing are still just as effective today as they were before social media came along. But that said, not just any email campaign will do, especially when today’s consumers visit their spam folders as much as they do their inboxes.

So, with marketing mastery in mind, here are just a few pros that go along with the tried and tested method of email marketing:

Timely Turnarounds

When it comes to the time and effort businesses both large and small put into marketing, faster and easier is always better. And, with email marketing, campaigns can be created, written, designed, and sent to a massive amount of customers in a matter of hours.

Print mailings and telesales are pretty much long gone in terms of today’s marketing landscape, but email marketing offers the benefits of both print and telephone campaigning – emails are customizable and easily personalized from one mailing list to the next.

The Affordability Factor

Bottom dollars are always at the top of the list for businesses, which is exactly why email marketing is a financially sound move.

By marketing via customer inboxes, the upfront costs for businesses only involve an Internet connection, a computer, and minimal man-hours.

And when compared to traditional print mailings, customer inboxes are worth their weight in marketing gold considering the money that’s saved with postage and paper.

There’s also email marketing software available that comes with recurring templates that take the time and guesswork out of creating new campaigns.

Targeting and Tracking

With email marketing, targeting the right audience is as easy as setting up niche mailing lists. So, if a business has multiple customer demographics it’s targeting, multiple versions of essentially the same campaign can be sent to specific audiences simultaneously.

Likewise, email marketing offers tracking benefits that help businesses see which campaigns are working and, more importantly, which aren’t.

With email marketing software, businesses are able to see how many customers opened sent emails, if any links were clicked on within the email, and which emails were ignored, spammed, or unsubscribed.

Up-to-Date Information Sharing

Because email marketing is instantaneous, businesses are able to send their customers the most up-to-date information on everything from promotions and deals to new goods and services.

This is especially useful for those industries that are ever changing, like news and retail.

Email Marketing is Eco-Marketing

More and more businesses are taking a go green or go home approach to the way in which they function.

And, with email marketing, reaching a massive, worldwide audience is an environmentally friendly, zero-emissions marketing technique. In other words, going paperless results in a healthier planet as well as a reduction in overhead.

Even though social media is sweeping the marketing nation, it’s plain to see that email marketing is still just as effective as ever.

About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including business practices, and social media.

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