How Interesting is Your Content?

02 Apr 2014
by John Foley
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Imagine a little scale and on one side are words. The other side contains graphics. Which way is that scale tipping when it comes to your content?

Unfortunately there is no magic percentage that you should stick with in order to have your content balanced out “just right.” That would make it pretty easy. But you should be able to scan through your blog posts, your white papers, your social media posts, newsletters, etc. and see what is likely to be obvious. You are probably heavy on one (the words, perhaps?) and light on the other.

BalanceIf you don’t have many graphics on your site and weaved into your content and materials, why not? Even if you don’t employ a graphic designer, you have many low cost options to help you with images ranging from clip art to infographics. Ideally, you should avoid using stock images unless you know exactly where they came from and what your rights are. Many images are copyrighted and do not give express or implied consent to be used by the general public.

One great way to achieve balance with your content is hiring a company to manage it for you. Having an outsider take a close look at what you’ve been doing, and evaluating what would work best can really take a load of stress off of your company. It’s hard to stay on top of content and social media profiles, let alone ensuring that your audience is being engaged with a healthy mixture of words and images. A company like Grow Socially is a one-stop shop that can provide the customized graphics and verbiage to keep you on top of your game.

The end goal is communicating effectively with your audience. You want to connect and engage and do so in a manner that reaches them and touches them in a way that establishes and later furthers, a relationship between you and them. The right balance of words and images – from infographics to videos to photos of the workplace – can get your message across.

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