See, QR Codes Are Still Relevant!

09 Apr 2014
by John Foley
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For many, it may seem like QR codes are no longer relevant being easily toppled by apps and programs that have been added and created over the past few years. However, this is not the case; QR codes are still completely relevant and useful for businesses of all kinds.

QR codes are a fun way to hide content and make interactive advertising that not only engages audiences but also keeps them hooked. There are tons of companies still using QR codes to get their content across and really draw in customers. Coca Cola, Budweiser, Proctor and Gamble, and Axe are all major companies that have used QR codes in the past few months to create ad campaigns that are not only effective, but incredibly engaging. Though QR codes are not necessarily standalone advertising like some other ads, they are still easy to use and great for advertisers. QR codes are a fun way to get your content noticed and to really involve your customers.

Another way that companies are using QR codes effectively is by adding valuable coupons and deals for those that scan QR codes. This is not only a great way to draw in customers but also to keep these customers coming and to make sure they are a part of the campaign you are creating.

QR codes are overall a great, inexpensive, and effective way to get your customers hyped about the ad campaign you are working on and to make sure that they pay attention to what companies are trying to sell and market. Though it may seem like QR codes are a thing of the past, they are now more effective and popular than ever, and offer a ton of opportunities for companies that are willing to put in the effort. The companies mentioned here are proof enough that even large companies are still willing to invest time and money in QR code campaigns that are helping to push their products and company forward.

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