Guide to Creating a Successful QR Code Campaign

28 Apr 2014
by John Foley
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The QR code, the two dimensional bar code that allows people to unlock a secret message when they scan it with their smart phone, is a unique marketing tool that allows immediate audience interaction with a brand, event or product. When it works, it’s an excellent way to speak directly to customers or fans; when it doesn’t, the QR code campaign has just wasted people’s time and possibly driven them away from what is being sold. In other words, if you’re going to use a QR code campaign, make sure you do it right. Below is an outline for creating a successful QR code campaign.

First, use a reliable QR code creator. The worst case scenario is creating a QR code campaign and launching it only to find out it doesn’t work all the time. Get the technical aspects out of the way first, before strategy and marketing creativity come into play. We have several different plans available – try our free generator first to get a feel for using QR codes!

Second, make your customers notice. The most important step in the QR code campaign process is getting a customer to notice the QR code and scan to find out what it unlocks. This is where some of the marketing creativity comes in. For example, let’s say you are promoting a music festival and discounted tickets are being awarded to whoever scans the QR code. To get people to scan, you might pose a trivia question about some of the bands who are playing. This will encourage people to scan and see what’s delivered to them.

Third, make sure what’s being given to customers is worth it. Discounts and free things are always nice, but the real metric that’s important when it comes to a QR code campaign is not sheer number of scans, but how long the scanner is engaged with where the QR code takes them. Ideally, people should spend two to three minutes on the link the QR code will take them to, so that page should be designed with that in mind.

Finally, consider calling the audience to action. In other words, encourage those who scan the QR code to tweet it out or post it on their Facebook pages or other social media pages for an additional reward. This will help the entire QR code campaign to grow even bigger, and give your brand additional exposure.

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