QR Code Tips for Success

05 May 2014
by John Foley
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Incorporating QR code into your marketing strategy allows your audience or customer base to interact with your product, event or company directly, which technically makes them more invested in whatever you are marketing. However, this can be risky, because if the link that the QR code takes them to via their smartphone after they scan doesn’t pay off, you may lose them for good. Therefore, important considerations need to be made before implementing a QR code campaign. Below are some QR code tips for success to ensure that whatever you decide to use a QR code for, it will work for both the users and the company.

Plan What Users Will Experience

Knowing exactly the journey you will take your users on and thinking like a user is critical to the success of a QR code campaign. As soon as you lose their interest you have lost, and if you lose their interest too soon, you’ve wasted their time and energy and possibly lost their business for good. So plan this out on a scratch pad or whiteboard before you really pull the trigger on the rest of the campaign.

Make Sure your Technical Aspects are in Order

You can have the most brilliant and immersive QR code campaign in the world, but if it doesn’t work, who cares? The technical aspects of this campaign are key, so you will want to use a reliable QR code creator and ensure that it works every time. [Test this one out for free!] Then you will want to be sure to set up a mobile friendly landing page, as just about everyone will be scanning from a mobile device. iFlyMobi allows you to create easy landing pages to ensure success. Make sure these are working smoothly at all times.

Give Users a Way to Engage and Promote

Wherever users land after they scan the QR code, it must grab their attention so they stay on the page or want to investigate further. That means the content must be very interesting or entertaining or encourage them to leave the page up on the mobile devices to be used as a coupon in the future. There can also be an additional benefit associated with promoting the QR code or landing page on various types of social networks, allowing it to spread organically.

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