Your Business Card Needs a QR Code

19 May 2014
by John Foley
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QR codes are still very relevant, especially in today’s hurried pace. No one has time to sit down, fire up a computer and read a dissertation on a product or service. When a person is curious about something, they want the ability to get the information they need, make a decision, or table the idea for later contemplation and then move on about their day. Use a QR code on your business card, so people can learn more about you and your company after receiving your card.

Info on the Go

Like we said above, consumers want quick information. A QR code allows them to scan your code, pull up information on their smartphone or tablet, get the tidbits they need and then move on. They can also scan your code and file the information for later use. This is a lot more convenient than the old days of scrambling for a pen and paper to write down information or a phone number for later follow-up.

Reach Old and New Customers

You should constantly be trying to reach new customers and get them interested in what you have to offer. On the other side of that coin, you can’t ignore your loyal customer base. QR codes allow you to drum up interest in current and potential customers and keep them coming to you for what they need.

Keep Them Engaged

One of the best uses for QR codes is to disseminate information to customers. You can also embed specials and coupons to give people more incentive to scan your code. When you use your code to provide information or savings that people can’t obtain elsewhere, your code becomes more profitable to you, and more valuable to those you are trying to reach.

A well-designed QR code can be the cornerstone of a successful marketing campaign. If you are looking to design a new QR code, or tweak the one you have, let us help.

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