Tips for Getting Your QR Code Scanned

12 May 2014
by John Foley
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QR codes are a powerful way to engage customers and integrate campaigns across platforms. Unfortunately, success rates for conversions tends to be abysmally low. A recent survey conducted of college students found that even though more than 80 percent of students owned a smartphone, only 20 percent could successfully scan a QR code when asked and more than 75 percent said they would not bother scanning codes when they saw them. How can companies take this information and turn it around so they have success with their QR codes?

Add Value to the Code – Make it Easy to See

Customers tend to not bother with QR codes because they do not see the immediate value in doing so. Companies need to make an effort to tell customers exactly what they stand to gain by using the QR code and make it plain in the advertisement. All too often, QR codes are placed on materials without any sufficient information about why the customer should use the code.

Add Value to the Landing Page

QR codes that just take customers to their standard website detract from the value of their code. Companies should produce valuable, mobile information that is linked to the QR code. This will help attract customers and produce strong motivation for customers to use the code.

Monitor and Adapt

Throughout a campaign, it is always important to monitor and adapt the campaign based upon what has been working well with a specific client base. There are no hard and fast rules for creating a successful campaign. Companies should not be afraid to take risks, because they could stumble upon a new technique that could lead to success. Using the proper measurement tools can be perfect for seeing how a campaign is performing and what changes have resulted in the biggest conversion rates.

QR codes have considerable potential for companies looking to drive traffic to their websites and integrate their campaigns. Given the prevalence of smartphones, they are a great way to reach a significant portion of the population. Increasing the value and proper campaign monitoring can help companies make the most of what these little boxes have to offer.

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