QR Code Generation for Mobile Website Pages

09 Jun 2014
by John Foley
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There are certainly many ways that people might be directed to your mobile website. It could be via a link in an SMS/text message, or perhaps mobile redirection code that you’ve placed on your website to handle visits from smartphones. It also could be from a QR code.

Within the iFlyMobi application, a QR code is automatically generated for each mobile website that you produce.

You can download the hi-res EPS file that our system produces, incorporate it into your printed materials, and then start reaching the mobile audience!

But did you also know that the iFlyMobi application generates a QR code for each page within your mobile website?

How to Use This Feature

Here’s how you can access the QR Codes that are generated for specific pages:


  • Log in to the iFlyMobi application.
  • Click the “My Websites” button, then click on the appropriate website.
  • In the “Pages” section, click on the name of the Page that you’d like to get a QR code for.
  • There, you will be see a QR code for that specific page in the top-right.


iFlyMobi's Mobile Website Builder: Screenshot of the QR code that is produced for Pages

Examples of How You Might Use This

There are a few reasons why you might find this feature beneficial.

For example, let’s say that you’ve built a mobile website for your restaurant. If you’d like to direct mobile users that are viewing a sign outside your business to your Menu page, you could grab the QR code for that page specifically, and then put it to use.

Also, let’s say that you are going to run a Print Advertisement for a specific product. Rather than pointing the QR code to the home page of your mobile website, you could point them directly to the page regarding that product.

We hope that you find this feature helpful as you look for ways to reach the growing mobile audience!

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