Using QR Codes for Event Registration

26 Sep 2014
by John Foley
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Of all of the amazing uses for QR codes, our team was excited to see this one. A user group conference, “Higher Logic’s HUG Super Forum” used QR codes for attendee badge printing as part of the event registration process.

QR code for event registration

Registrants received an email days before the conference with the QR code that they could print or bring on their mobile device. Upon arrival to the conference, they scanned their personalized QR code, and their badge printed out automatically.

QR code capture for event registration

It’s an awesome use of QR codes, and something you can do with QReate and Track too! Check out the entire post here: Higher Logic HUG Super Forum Incorporates QR Codes to Streamline Registration and contact us if you want to do something similar for your next event! 


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