Creating an Impressive Mobile Website

07 Oct 2014
by John Foley
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We live in a constantly connected world – one where internet users (that includes your customers and prospects) regularly spend time online on a mobile device. It’s only smart to make sure your customers are going to love what they see on their smart phones. This isn’t just about responsive web design, important though that is. It’s about offering a visual treat that gives your customers good looking content worth getting their phone or tablet out for.

Is Your Site Looking Good?

Your first stop when it comes to making a visual impact is making sure your site looks good on any size screen. When creating your mobile site, think about:

  • Appealing colors that match your brand’s personality
  • Relevance of information
  • Clear professional quality images

Image Sharing Can Boost Your Image

Making a visual impact is about more than getting your site looking good. With more people accessing social media on mobile than on desktop or laptop PCs, it’s time to consider using social image sharing sites to boost your visual appeal. Sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr offer you an opportunity to create entertaining, relevant content that looks appealing and is easy to browse and share on a mobile device.

Short Snappy Videos Are Mobile Friendly

Twitter’s Vine application and Instagram’s video apps are fast proving themselves as valuable tools for business. As well as being made and uploaded using a mobile phone, the bite-sized videos are shared by mobile users who enjoy the Vine and Instagram communities. Vine gives you six seconds to get your message across, while Instagram gives you fifteen. Plan carefully and you can create a brief but interesting video that is perfect for browsers on the go.

Image and video sharing can give your brand visual impact that is perfect for today’s mobile customers. Take the time to plan attention-grabbing content that is consistent with your brand’s tone and you’ll give your customers reason to keeping looking, no matter how they are browsing.

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