Why You Should Start Using Apple Pay This Holiday Season

23 Dec 2014
by John Foley
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ReceiptWith Christmas gift buying in full swing, shoppers are looking for ways to save time and enjoy a little more convenience throughout the whole experience. Such a festive time of year should be fun, not nerve-wracking or exhausting. What if, at the end of a long day, your credit card won’t swipe and you don’t have any backups? Or if you finish filling your cart with presents for everyone, only to realize you left your wallet at home? Apple Pay would help you out of these jams, and it provides some extra benefits, too. Here are a few reasons this method of mobile payment will make you jolly this season:

Security = Peace of Mind

Last year saw some major security breaches, like when 40 million of Target’s customers’ payment card numbers were stolen. With the publicity around this and other security debacles, people are wary of paying with anything but cash. Apple Pay is a welcome alternative to always having to carry money with you, and security is one of its most attractive elements. The system uses a token called a device account number, so you don’t have to use a physical credit card and card details aren’t even a part of the transaction. By using this method of payment, you can rest assured your information is extremely unlikely to be compromised.

Simplicity Meets Ease of Use

If security isn’t enough to get you to hop on board, then think about all the steps required with traditional payment methods. If you’re using a debit card, you swipe the card and provide your PIN. Then you typically go through one or two additional screens of questions like, “Do you want cash back?” and “Is this amount correct?” before the transaction is complete. With a credit card, you slide the card and then have to provide a signature. With Apple Pay, simply hold your phone near an NFC reader and approve the transaction with a touch of your finger. This saves you some hassle and promises a shorter checkout time.

Privacy Is Joined by a Seamless Experience

These days, it seems like everything that’s handled digitally is collected and saved. A little privacy goes a long way. Apple respects this and doesn’t track or store the data from shopper transactions. And the best part is that the extra layers of security and privacy offered by Apple Pay don’t translate to a cumbersome user experience. In fact, the entire process is straightforward and smooth. One of the only real cons of Apple Pay, however, is that it is only available on the newest iPhone models and the Apple Watch. If you accidentally break or lose either one, you’ll have to go back to traditional payment methods. To be sure you can keep on using Apple Pay, get a protection plan as soon as you buy your phone. By doing so, you’ll be able to get a new device quickly and inexpensively if anything happens to yours. So if you’re looking for a new, better way to make those holiday purchases, why not try Apple Pay on for size? The security, simplicity and privacy are worth it in spades. And who doesn’t love a trendsetting techie?[frontpage_news widget=”8263″ name=”Other Helpful QR Codes Posts”]

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