Using QR Codes to Enhance Fulfillment Operations

12 Jan 2015
by John Foley
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custom_QR_2 Over the past couple of years, QR codes have emerged and have become one of the most popular tools for making print materials interactive. Why? Because of their convenience, ease of use, and the high, growing number of smartphone users in the world. If you take a look at the world’s 7 billion people, more of these people own smartphones than toothbrushes. So, what are you doing to target these smartphone users? You need to be utilizing QR codes. While QR codes can be beneficial for any type of business, they can particularly help enhance fulfillment operations. Here are a few reasons how your fulfillment company can begin benefiting from QR codes and incorporating them into your marketing efforts.

Delivering Instructions

Add more value to your fulfillment business by placing QR codes that link to instructions and how-to-guides on packages and materials being shipped. These QR codes on product packaging could point to mobile websites and/or videos that provide step-by-step instructions and online videos that demonstrate how their items should be properly assembled. You can help your customers provide value to their customers by offering this service, making it easy for the end consumer to understand the products they’re receiving. These customers will appreciate the extra effort, and this simple step ahead of time will save time for your support team.

Surveys and Feedback Forms

Without feedback, companies have no way of knowing whether or not their products and services are providing value to their customers. Putting a QR code on packaging gives customers a quick outlet for providing feedback on the products they are receiving and the service they encountered. QR codes designed for feedback could lead to a social media page to leave a public rating, or a specific survey so companies can privately see how their business is doing. These surveys could seek to ask the most important questions that a customer may want to answer – “Are they satisfied?” “Do they need help?” “What could be done better?” This feedback could be provided while the company and its products are absolutely fresh in the customer’s mind… right through their mobile phone.

Additional Ordering and Repeat Purchases

When someone needs to order a replacement part, reorder an entire unit, or purchase additional products, companies need to make that an easy process. By including a QR code on packaging that leads to a mobile or responsive website, customers can easily order products right from their smart phones. The website could either contain a form that allows a user to request the item or a response from a sales rep; or it could even include an option for placing an order directly from the phone. In addition, incorporating a QR code drives customers back to a company’s website, boosting SEO, gaining exposure, and encouraging repeat sales for additional products. Think of QR codes as not just an interactive marketing tool, but a mobile customer service representative. These 2D codes can offer extra assistance, gather feedback, and help give your customers more of what they want![frontpage_news widget=”8263″ name=”Other Helpful QR Codes Posts”]

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