3 Reasons Why You Need to Be Tracking Your Digital Marketing Efforts

14 Sep 2015
by John Foley
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Digital marketing is an easy and cost-effective way to reach out to potential clients. Like any other type of marketing campaign, one cannot just throw information out into cyberspace and hope that it works. Digital marketing campaigns must be carefully managed, and data needs to be gathered and analyzed on a regular basis. There are several reasons why digital marketing efforts should be tracked.

  1. Money_Growth2Manage Costs. If your company is doing something that isn’t working to bring in new clients and re-engage current clients, digital marketing data will show you. This allows you to pull out of campaigns that aren’t helping increase profit margins, and shift your focus to the digital marketing strategies that are most profitable for your business. Likewise, this data may help you improve areas where money is being wasted, so you can leverage several types of digital marketing efforts for a total digital marketing campaign.
  2. Determine What is Working. Again, tracking your company’s digital marketing efforts allows you to find out what is working and determine what is not working. You can put more effort into the types of digital marketing that are working, and turn away from the things that don’t, if you wish. Or, you can focus on the areas of weakness and try to beef them up to help pull in business that might be passing you by.
  3. Allocate Manpower. The administration of a digital marketing campaign can be a full-time job for at least one employee. Gathering and analyzing data from your current digital marketing efforts can help you assess your manpower allocations. You may be able to scale back and split the duties between several employees. If your digital marketing efforts need to be ramped up, you can choose to dedicate one employee totally to the campaign. You may also choose to hire temporary or even permanent help to assist with your digital marketing campaign.

If you’re putting in the time, money, and effort into focusing on creating strong digital marketing campaigns (and you should!), you need to be tracking the results. Measuring your efforts will allow your marketing department to run more efficiently and you’ll see better results for the overall success of your business.

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