Tapping into Cross Media Marketing

13 Oct 2015
by John Foley
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It’s a loud, busy world out there. With so much information available, getting your voice heard is a challenge for any company. For mailing, print, and fulfillment providers, cross media marketing is really vital right now. A well thought out cross media campaign is one of the best ways to communicate any message clearly, consistently, and in a way that is relevant to the hearer. Keeping up with cross media marketing trends is an important component of your ongoing success – and that of your clients.

Cross Media Marketing Matters

Understanding the importance of keeping up with the latest in cross media marketing is the foundation of a successful cross media marketing campaign.

Put simply, cross media marketing means greater response rates. That equals more sales for your clients, and happier clients and repeat business for you. Direct mail campaigns that integrate cross media marketing frequently have a greater conversion rate than mail campaigns alone. This increased response rate is a strong selling point for cross media marketing, but the benefits go beyond straightforward sales figures. What else can cross media marketing do for your client’s business?

Building Better Customer Relations

The way to a customer’s heart (and wallet) is by building an authentic relationship based on trust. Customers want to know that they are doing business with a company that understands their unique needs. Cross media marketing is a useful tool for doing just that. The use of pURLs is already well known, but how about personalized QR codes or even personalized NFC marketing?

From a mailed brochure to a bus stop ad, QR codes and NFC mean the customer is offered relevant content in an instant. A car dealership could use a personalized QR code to take the customer to a landing page tailored to their locality. A technology business could use NFC to allow customers to download their app by simply holding their phone near an NFC-enabled poster. It all adds up to a more relevant marketing campaign that will encourage customer loyalty.

Beyond Print and PURLs

As you can see, cross media marketing is much more than linking a mail piece to a pURL. Technology such as QR codes and NFC can be used to make a campaign more personalized. Placing the right message in front of the right customer means that marketing dollars are spent in the way most likely to bring a good return.

The new cross media marketing technology means that printed materials are no longer static, but can become part of an engaging and tailored marketing campaign. Innovative uses of augmented reality can transform printed materials into a platform for a 3D experience.

Keep an Eye on the Future

Cross media marketing is an ever growing and ever changing sector. When QR codes first came into common usage, they seemed like a kind of magic, allowing smartphone users to access information with a simple point and click. Now, using QR codes is second nature to many consumers, while augmented reality and NFC are much more novel. Seeing how these new technologies develop and how to integrate them into a cross media campaign will ensure your campaigns and services stay at the forefront of the new cross media. Imagine an augmented reality campaign that allows customers to tap a clothes ad and see themselves wearing the clothes? Or an NFC store coupon that downloads all the information to their phone and automatically applies the offer with one tap at the checkout (think Target’s Cartwheel app!)? Keeping abreast of new developments in cross media marketing means you can design and deliver services that are up to date and in line with the competition.

When it comes to getting their voices heard, your customers may be wondering if they simply have to shout louder. With the latest cross media marketing technology, you can show them how to stop shouting and communicate smarter. Cross media marketing provides the tools needed to craft relevant and engaging campaigns that work across channels and speak directly to customers.

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