Using QR Codes to Make PDFs Interactive

04 Oct 2011
by John Foley
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When it comes to the world of QR Codes, comScore has absolutely done their share of making news recently.

Over the summer, they shared the results of a report regarding how many people in the US were scanning QR Codes. Also, they broke down the data based on where people were scanning the codes.

Recently, I noticed that comScore has been incorporating QR Codes into more of their own marketing materials. In doing so, they’ve helped to demonstrate one way that other companies can start to make their materials interactive. At the end of comScore’s most recent research report regarding the iPhone, they included a QR Code.

comScore: Incorporating QR Codes in the PDF versions of their research reports

While I certainly wish that the QR Code directed people to a mobile website (plug alert!! iFlyMobi could possible help), I think that incorporating the QR Code in this report is absolutely a worthwhile effort.

Yes, it is true that there are a folks that may simply skim through the PDF of this report online. Thus, the QR Code may not offer much value to them. But there are certainly plenty of people that will choose to print this PDF and digest the contents offline.

When they are done reading, the QR Code may offer the incentive for them to hop online to learn more. In this case, it points to comScore’s website. But it could’ve pointed to a variety of places — perhaps a section of their website where people could post comments and discuss the report’s findings.

Either way, I think comScore’s actions here help to provide inspiration for people that are looking for ways to incorporate QR Codes into their materials.

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