Domino’s Uses QR Codes to Increase Sales

27 Aug 2012
by John Foley
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If I had to guess, I would say that I receive about 2-4 flyers a week in my mailbox from various restaurants and pizza shops.

Most of them are immediately transferred into a drawer reserved for “take out menus and coupons”. Others make their way into the recycle bin if they fail to make my stomach growl.

But then I received this one the other day from Domino’s. It made me stop in my tracks, pull out my phone, and then start the process of placing an order!

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How did it do that?

Well, the answer is with a QR Code.

Here’s a picture of the flyer that I received:

Domino's Printed Flyer: Contains a QR Code

I think that Domino’s set a very good example with this piece. Here are some of my highlights:

  • They provided direction/incentive with text around the QR Code
  • They included multiple calls to action
  • They included enough padding around the edges of the QR Code
  • And best of all, they pointed people to a mobile website where they could actually take action!

Here is a picture of the mobile website that I was directed to:

Screenshot of Domino's mobile website: Customers are directed here after scanning a QR Code on a printed flyer

The execution and presentation of the mobile website here was absolutely key!

Rather than direct me to the full-size version of, they presented me — the mobile user — with the most common options that I would most likely want to utilize while viewing their website on my phone.

Congrats to Domino’s for this successful execution… Now I need to go enjoy a slice of pizza.

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