Tap into QR Codes

04 Aug 2014
by John Foley
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It’s time to tap into QR codes. QR codes are an interactive way to connect with your customers on the go. A QR code is a barcode which can easily be scanned by a mobile phone with a QR code reader (easily downloaded from the web for free). The code acts as a hyperlink, linking customers to content of your choice. Well placed QR codes make for an interactive experience for your customer, and the chance to show them more about what makes your business great. The uses for QR codes are limited only by your imagination. How about:

  • At point of sale linked to a time-limited offer
  • In a brochure linked to video or audio
  • Linked to a dedicated web page for your customer’s location
  • On a menu linked to an ingredient list
  • On a flyer linked to online ticket sales

Whatever your business, QR codes are your chance to connect your customers with attention-grabbing content. Create a great destination for your QR code, include a call to action at the point of display that makes scanning irresistible, and enjoy connecting with your customers in a richer way.

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